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We have the best employees at work to make sure that your work is done absolutely as per your requirement. Our most important value is to make our customers happy no matter what it takes.

Interior designing & Furniture

We provide interior designing for kitchens, lounges, bedrooms and so on. 


We provide you with the best quality and suitable furniture for your indoors as well as outdoors. 

Wallpaper & Paint

We choose the best quality and best designed wallpapers to give life to your walls. So, get rid of those boring solid colored walls. 


If you do not want wallpapers, you can also choose to have your walls painted in solid colors or designed colors as you like.

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How to rent rooms

To university students away from home, tourists on vacation, in Rome, Milan, Naples: have you ever thought about renting rooms in your home? You have a free room, which I could easily rent to someone and therefore earn some money, to round off the salary or help pay the mortgage, for example.

There are not rare cases of families or individuals who decide to rent a room in their private home: certainly, to the detriment of a little privacy that will undoubtedly be lost, but certainly generating an additional source of income that, these days, is not it’s a small thing. Let’s see how to behave and comply with the various cases.

How to rent rooms

1. Short term rentals (less than 28 days) . If the rent to a particular person lasts less than 28 days in a year, it is not necessary to register the rental contract with the Revenue Agency, but a “private writing”, ie a contract between the parties, is sufficient. Obviously at the end of the rental period you will have to issue a receipt to the person, which you can use for the tax return (with Unico model or 730, depending on your case) and then pay the taxes due.

In this way you can rent your room to several people (typically the case of renting tourists) during the year. Be careful though: you can rent for a maximum of 9 months a year.

2. Medium / long term rentals . If the rent lasts from one month to 18 months, it is called “transitory type rent”. In this case, the contract must be registered with the Revenue Agency. For registration you will have to pay a fee equal to 2% of the annual fee (this amount is to be divided into two, in equal parts, between the owner and the tenant). Furthermore, as regards taxation, you can choose between the ordinary regime or that of the dry coupon.

The transitional contract is not renewable. At the end of the contract, therefore, you can only enter into a new contract.

3. Long rentals . If you know the person you are renting to and you already know that the rent will last for a long period, you can enter into a “4 + 4 rental contract”. Obviously this contract too must be registered with the Inland Revenue and allows you to choose between ordinary taxation or dry coupon. unless one of the parties communicates an early cancellation.

Remember that renting “in black”, as well as illegal, is also risky, because the tenant has the opportunity to report you and obtain payment of a very low rent. If you believe you are not an expert in the field of rentals and taxation, you can rely on your accountant or real estate agencies specializing in rental management.

How to dissolve the communion of a property in co-ownership

When an asset belongs to several subjects, it is said that it is in communion: it is therefore a situation of co-ownership of multiple subjects. Co-ownership means equal value for all, unless there are different divisions.

Sometimes staying in a communion can generate inconvenience or be managed within conflicts: this is why you can resort to division, to the dissolution of property. Let’s see how.

It is always possible, without a prescription, to ask for the division of the asset. The good can always be divided, unless it is a good that, if divided, becomes useless for the use for which it is intended.

The division action
The division can be requested by any owner, regardless of his share of ownership. At this point two cases emerge:

  1. All co-owners accept the division and find an agreement : the consensual division proceeds . The contract for dividing a property must be written, otherwise it is void; it must also be transcribed. For these formalities it will be necessary to rely on a notary, who will also deal with the formation of the parts (called lots).
  2. There is no agreement between the co-owners : it is necessary to contact the judge ( judicial division . The case becomes more complicated: there may in fact be no agreement for various reasons, for example for the division of lots or precisely because not everyone agrees with the division of the good.

In this case, if it is a single property and if there are no other solutions of agreement between the parties, the judge will be able to order the auction sale and the proceeds delivered to the former co-owners, according to their own co-ownership share. If it is a simply divisible asset (ex: a two-family villa) and the co-owners are two, you can instead opt for the division of the asset into two.

Attention: if the co-owners have entered into an indivision agreement , co-ownership cannot be divided. The indivision agreement can last a maximum of ten years.

Suppose there is a mortgage on the house. At this point, if the parties manage to agree on the division, each will contribute to the mortgage according to its share.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a mediator or, ultimately, a judge can be contacted. Therefore, if the money obtained through the auction is sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the remainder is divided between the parts according to its share.

If, on the other hand, the proceeds from the sale are not sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the parties will contribute to the payment according to their shares.

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