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How To Decorate Your Dorm Room On A Budget

Are you done with your boring and sad dorm room? Or did you just move in your dorm room and want to give it a cool and aesthetic vibe? Worry no more! We are here to help you all decorate your dorm on a budget with some very cheap and easy tricks. I’m sure the excitement of moving out of your home and finally getting into college may have led a lot of you to forget about this mammoth task that awaits you unless you’re a guy who’s gonna be good with just a mattress. 

Let’s dive right into it and find out easy ways to decorate your dorm room on a budget! 

Make An Accent Wall 

Boring white walls in all dorm rolls are a really big buzzkill and honestly extremely depressing as well. So, make your room your happy place by painting a warm and fresh color on the walls. If you have a knack for painting you can paint the whole room but that would definitely increase your cost so focus on making one accent wall. If you can’t paint then get a removable wallpaper from Walmart and give your dorm room the style it has been missing. If you are really creative try creating some designs by using tape and painting, this will make your room look like its professionally done. 

Accept All Hand Me Downs 

This is no time to look down upon hand me downs even if you don’t like them. That old bookshelf in your dad’s garage and that pink armchair your grandmother loves can all be put to use! And if you really don’t want to use them just sell them online or in the flea market there will always be takers. However, if you are ready to put in some effort you can paint this furniture and give it a new look as per your own taste. The pink chair can easily be made black or white and the bookshelf can become as good as new some varnish and stylised placement. 

Create A Diy Photo Wall 

Photo walls are a very cute and personalized addition to dorm rooms. Moving into a new space can be very overwhelming but a small photo wall can always serve as a reminder of the people who are always there for you. All you need is some fairy lights and polaroids. You can also get photos printed if you don’t have any polaroids. You can do this on your accent wall or right above your bed or where ever it looks good. If you are not allowed to use nails in the hostel go for stickable 3M hooks and hang your fairy lights. After that grab some clips and start attaching your pictures along the fairy light. The addition of this little twinkle can give you a very homely feeling. 

Go Thrifting 

Thrifting is the best way to get your hands on trendy and antique decor pieces especially for something temporary like a dorm room. You can find a multitude of things in thrift stores from rugs to shelves to literally anything! You can make a whole wall out of cool vintage stuff like number plates, wall hangings, records, and much more. The amount of money you will save is going to be massive for sure. Some things that may not look good in thrift stores can easily be upgraded with a simple coat of paint and they’ll look as good as new for your room. 

Layer Up Rugs 

Never forget the floors! Dorm rooms usually have cheap industrial flooring or worn out wooden flooring or a thin layered ugly looking carpet and that can never look good. Look for cheap rugs online and in flea markets, you may even find some good ones in your house which your mom is ready to let go. Layer these rugs in your room to add a pop of color and softness to the floor. If you have a bigger room go for square rugs but for a smaller space round rugs do the job pretty well. If you have a creative side and really love DIY you can make yourself a rug with chunky knitting thread or braid a few old t-shirts together to make a colorful rug! 

Add Planters 

If you can dedicate your time and attention to a small little fragile succulent and keep it alive then bring in real plants. If not, either go for fake planters that you will have to dust occasionally or bring in low maintenance plants like zz plant, snake plant, aloe vera etc. These planters will make your room look fresh and spacious and bringing nature inside can have a very positive impact on your mood. 

Decorating on a budget can be a little difficult but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then you can surely get something great out of your small budget. 

Pro Tip: Spend more on your bed! 

6 Ways to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

Your once trendy kitchen may seem outdated after a few years, especially when there are numerous new interior décor and remodeling styles available to choose from.

The once stylish laminated countertop or linoleum flooring is no longer in vogue. So, a fresh face-lift for your kitchen using new creative design trends, a blend of extraordinary colors, modern appliances, eco-friendly and economic alternatives, will modernize your outdated kitchen and boost the value of your home significantly, especially if you are interested in selling it soon.

1. Upgrade the Metal Surfaces

Decades ago, metals were a popular choice for kitchen hardware, and although it fluctuates in and out of home fashion, upgrading it will bring a modern flair to your kitchen.

With new and innovative designs produced by manufacturers, you can redo your old metal fixtures such as drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, hooks, etc.

Metals that could easily rust after a while are no longer considered fashionable; instead, matte aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brushed gold, etc., are far more preferred aesthetically and for their durability.

You can use these upgraded metals for your cabinetry hardware, range hood, pendant lighting, under-cabinet lighting, stoves, sinks, trashcans, etc. These not only look lavish and modern, but they last longer and result in fewer maintenance costs over time.

2. Time to Redo Your Flooring

When you walk into a kitchen, your eyes zero in on the floor since it pops out. Despite its massive impact and importance on the overall appearance of your kitchen, it is often ignored or forgotten altogether.

To spruce it up, we recommend redoing your flooring and switching from the boring, traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum to a more fashionable and resilient option. Wooden, tiled, stone flooring are a few options that never truly go out of fashion. Not only do they add aesthetic value to your kitchen, but they are also easier to clean and maintain.

These alternatives also last longer as well. Slate, travertine, or ceramic tile that mimics the chic look of hardwood flooring has also gained significant popularity in recent days. You can even take it a step further and switch to marble flooring. Though it may be expensive, there is nothing quite like it either in terms of appearance or durability.

3. Restyle Your Countertops

Did you know that your kitchen countertops get a massive chunk of real estate in your kitchen? There are an endless variety of countertop surface options available for homeowners to choose from.

Outdated tile-and-grout or inexpensive vinyl countertops are last seasons. When remodeling your kitchen, you can pick from solid surfacing varieties to resin, natural stone such as marble and granite, or polymers.

No matter your styling preferences or budget, there is an option out there that is perfect for your needs. More and more interior designers have added creative materials for countertops such as concrete, brick, tile, etc., that immensely improve the look and durability of your kitchen.

4. Switch to Energy-Efficient Power Sources

You simply cannot modernize a kitchen without switching to energy-efficient power sources that protect the environment and reduce your energy costs.

To reduce your carbon footprint, we recommend starting with your outdated kitchen appliances. If you are purchasing new equipment for your kitchen or replacing the old one, switch to energy-efficient styles and options that not only look sleek and chic but also save money and help the environment by producing minimal waste.

You can also replace plumbing fixtures and repair leaky faucets, burst pipes, etc., to help save water consumption and wastage in the long run.

After all, updating and modernizing your kitchen is not just about making it prettier or more luxurious; it is also about making it more economical and environment friendly.

5. Invest in Better Lighting

Another important factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen is the lighting. Most outdated kitchens have main overhead lighting which is often not enough for when you are chopping or completing tasks in the corner of the kitchen where there is simply not enough light.

To resolve this issue, you can install under-cabinet lighting with a dimmer that uses energy-saving bulbs and are directly placed above the counter, so you have enough lighting wherever you are working. You no longer need to switch on all overhead lights just to get a task done.

Better lighting is also essential for the safety, versatility, and ambiance of your kitchen. Try going for recessed lighting for a modern appeal. Pendant lighting on top of the kitchen island illuminates the glossy texture of the surface, creating a romantic glow that simply makes your surroundings look gorgeous.

6. Install Panel-Ready Appliances

One of the most successful game-changers of 21st-century interior design is panel-ready kitchen appliances. These are available through most appliance companies and are excellent for saving precious space.

Since your appliances perfectly blend with the cabinets and other accessories in the kitchen, it makes your kitchen appear more polished and organized. You can slide your dishwasher out from behind the lower cabinet, or pull out the trash can attached to the cabinet under the sink, etc.

These panel-ready appliances also come in different colors and styles, adding a superb focal point to your kitchen.

Choose The Best Curtains For Your Home

Every one of us leans towards wanting natural light coming inside our homes but we rarely plan for when we want to sleep or have some privacy. To fix this for you, curtains are a blessing. The best part is that they have become an accessory to accentuate the overall look of your home/room.

But, choosing curtains can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. The length, the fabric, the style, etc because there are countless of them in the market. To remove the guesswork out of the process, here are some steps to help you choose the best curtains for your needs:

1. Step one: Length

The biggest deciding factor when considering curtains is the length. The five sizes that are used throughout the market are 

 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, or 120 inches. How long you want to go depends highly on the height of your windows and ceiling coupled with the look you want to achieve. If you want to go for custom curtains it is measured from the rod pocket where your curtains will hang off from to the bottom of the window to your desired length. While shopping for curtains here are some keywords to keep in mind. Tier curtains only cover the window and don’t go beyond. Floor curtains are the ones that reach down to the floor from the rod pocket. Puddle curtains start from the rod pocket and reach down to the floor with some fabric puddling at the bottom and last but not least apron curtains hang a few inches below the window.

2. Step two: Curtain Fabric

There are a variety of fabrics to choose from when it comes to curtains, the one thing that you should keep in mind is the amount of light you want coming from your windows. For example for a home theatre room you would look for curtains that have thick fabric so that little to no light gets inside the room, for your living room you will be purchasing a thinner fabric which lets most of the light in during the day. For lots of  light and shine go for cotton fabrics they have a lot of range and let natural light get through. For moderate light go for linen curtains they can also have textured weaves which lets some of the light in but not all of it. For little to no light choose velvet curtains, you can also ask for the special blackout curtains which entirely block out the light. If your house is very minimalistically designed we would recommend going bold with the curtain colors and patterns and vice versa.

3. Step three: Hardware

Last but not least is choosing a curtain rod. To balance out your curtain with choosing something that is 6 to 12 inches wider than your curtain size. This not only can be used to accentuate the look of your curtains and your room but will also allow you to move the curtains whenever you feel like. Moreover, with curtain rods you don’t have to worry about it being fixed, fortunately most standard curtain rods are adjustable and can be made smaller or bigger as per your need. Several materials available for rods, some of the more popular ones include brass, polished nickel, brushed nickel, antique bronze etc. If you want to get curtain holders, keep them the same material as the rod.

Curtains may seem like a very minor detail in your overall home remodeling/renovation project but remember the devil is in the details. Little details like these can really bring out a lot of character and depth into your home. Not planning properly will end up in a beautiful but bald looking house, now we dont want that do we? Let us know below, some of the things you have learnt while curtain shopping that everyone should keep in mind.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Home Office

Home offices are becoming popular since the pandemic has everyone working from home. A space that you spend most of your day working in, should be relaxing, comfortable and energizing at the same time. There are many things to consider when building a home office like the lighting, space, noise/disturbances etc. Renovating a space to be your working nook is a great DIY project that can be easily done in a low budget with some expert guidance. 

Here a few things you should consider while selecting a space and building your home office:

1. The Right Space:

This is very important to consider and not just use an extra closet or space by the window to place a desk and chair and get to work. The right place is made up of the following factors:

  • Enough room for an office desk, some extra chairs (for entertaining guests or clients), some book shelves or organisers for files
  • One or more windows to let fresh air through to keep you energized. 
  • The traffic flow in and close to the room 
  • The frequency of distractions and noise around the room
  • A stable WiFi connection

This of course depends on how much space you have around the house and you don’t have to spend a large budget decorating a room, but try to find a place that has no noise and distractions and an ample seating space with a comfortable environment.

2. Functional Furniture:

Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it has to be a soulless cubicle. You can decorate it with warm accents and comfortable furniture. You can create a contemporary office that features art, decor pieces, and modern furniture. But while you focus on making the space look homey, don’t forget that the furniture you choose has to be functional and comfortable since you’ll be working on it all day. You can save some money by buying organisers, shelves and drawers from a flea market and repurposing it however you want to compliment your interior design. 

3. Natural light and Air Flow:

If you manage to create your office in a room that has ample natural light and a window, try to place your work desk facing the window to get better light and a beautiful view. You can keep some plants by the window to create a prettier view! But if you don’t have a window available you can create a fake window with a nice painting and some low maintenance indoor plants! 

4. Efficient Storage:

With an office definitely comes the need for some storage space. Since many homes aren’t swimming in storage space, make sure you have used whatever space you have efficiently. You can use both horizontal and vertical storage like shelves, drawers, organizing baskets etc. Baskets are useful if you tend to make piles on and around your desk. If you don’t have a built-in bookshelf you can also use metal cube storage! 

5. Chord Organizers:

If you have kids around the house and don’t want them near chords and electrical wires, you can invest in some chord organisers. There are different types of ways to cover your chords for example fabric cord covers, adhesive cable clips, cable boxes etc. Cable boxes are great if you want to completely hide your chords. Try to tame the jungle of wires under your desk to make it look tidy. Chord organizers help make the space look neat and child friendly!

Home offices are a fun project to work on and prove to be extremely useful while you’re working from home. They help imitate a professional working environment and you don’t have to work stuffed in a corner. Utilize any spare room around the house as a temporary or permanent office space and turn it into something that makes you want to burn that midnight oil!

5 DIY Interior Design Ideas For The Pandemic

The covid-19 has gotten all of us on weird coping mechanisms when it comes to being locked down in your home. But did you know that decluttering, rearranging, and redecorating your space can be one of them? Especially if you are into DIY, this is golden for you. 

Start by looking at all the things in your house that you might want to change, from corners to entire rooms. From painting to throwing away stuff to fixing the leg of your favorite table, this is your chance. We can never get so much time on our hands in human history again. After the list is done, dig in below and see what we can cross off that list. 

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Moving your furniture around is the quickest and easiest way to transform your space. Make your sofa face a different direction, push a bunch of armchairs together and cozy up the place. Mainly focus on where you want the most comfort and spend the most time. This is because the pandemic has changed our lifestyles quite a lot. We might not want to spend our days working in our home office or in the home library. Cozy up the drawing-room with some throws and pillows if you spend your waking hours there. Moreover, you can also use your bookshelves to transform the space. Add a few small plants, a few picture frames, and arrange your books with color coding and you are good to go.

2. Paint

Whether it’s your walls or your furniture a fresh coat of paint can accent the overall look. If you have some leftover paint, use that to paint a small table or a portion of your dining wall, etc. Not only is painting a therapeutic activity during your alone time but can boost your creativity. You can also paint a mural or something with bold color and place it in your entryway. We recommend going for bold colors if the overall look of your place is neat and pastel and vice versa would be a great way too. You can order the paint online if you don’t have any leftover from the previous remodel.

3. Change Your Wall Decor

Rearrange the wall decor, switch rooms for the paintings or the photographs, and watch your room come to life. Dig up some old pictures or take your bedroom wall hanging to the drawing-room and vice versa. If you are into DIY, get on google and see what you can do. Wooden slats, twigs, and planks can all be used to make photo frames at home. Furthermore, get your quirky pieces out as well. Your favorite guitar, a piece of song, a quotation, your masks and ticket stubs all can be used to decorate your space. Also, look up Pinterest to get more inspiration.

4. Deep Clean And Declutter

Cleaning can be a very therapeutic activity, not only will it help you arrange and reorganize your stuff but also mentally helps you calm down too. If you have been eyeing some dirty corners, rusty appliances, lampshades, and old furniture, this is the time to clean or get rid of all that stuff. We recommend making two boxes, one for reuse and one for donation.

During this difficult time around the world, we are sure you can find people who would use and need the clothes, blankets, towels, and other things lying around your house much more than you do. When it comes to your kitchen, take out all those containers and label them after cleaning. 

5. Create A Garden

If you have a garden, it’s time to get your hands dirty. If not, let’s start small by growing a small veggie patch. Start by taking out the dead plants, pick out or cut the dirty leaves or roots, add some fertilizer to shake them up. Change the placement of the plants that either need more light or less light accordingly. Speaking of plants, you can also paint your pots while you are painting your furniture. We recommend spending time in your garden whether it’s a small balcony or a huge courtyard.

Making use of your downtime to help your mental health as well as your home is a bonus. There is something soothing about quietly making changes to your space and making it your own.  Let us know what projects you took while on lockdown and how it transformed your health and home.  

6 Most Common Design Mistakes Homeowners Make

If you want to renovate your old house or you have just shifted to a new house, you will need to plan everything related to how you want to design it and while planning and the process, you will make lots of mistakes. Just know that interior designing requires a lot of hard work and planning before working on the plan. So we have listed some of the common mistakes that homeowners make while designing their home.  

6 of the most common mistakes are:

1. Hiring An Inexperienced Professional 

Many people do not talk about the history and the experience of contractors which is the most important part before hiring any professional. Ask your friends, neighbours to recommend you contractors and always hire them based on their experience in your area to avoid any difficulty because they will be working with you for a longer period of time.

 2. Choosing A Wrong Design Scheme 

Do not make decisions on what the other person is saying. Professionals can only guide you and you have to make the right decision. People often choose a wrong design scheme and then their whole renovation plan fails just because their home does not end up looking as you had imagined. Always do your own research according to the size and design of your house.

3. Making Changes In The Plan While The Work Has Already Begun  

Do not make this mistake because it will ruin everything related to a certain thing. It might look simple to you but it is not. Always consider changes while your design is still in the planning stage. In this way you won’t feel confused about your choices. Discuss everything with professionals before finalising anything and tell them how you want things to look like to avoid any conflicts later on.

4. Compromising On Quality

It is fine to not choose a certain thing because it falls out of your budget plan but never compromise on the quality just because you want a cheaper alternative. There are a lot of cheaper options but their quality is a serious risk that you should not take. In order to avoid this, spend more time identifying and purchasing pocket friendly material from the source that also provides quality. If you compromise on the quality, you will have to replace it in a few months or even days. 

5. Designing, Working On Whole House At One Time 

First focus on the rooms that you want to design first and after completion, shift to other rooms one by one. Working on one room completing rather than working here and there will only create a chaotic environment and you will not be satisfied with the whole plan in the end. 

6. Thinking Everything Will Be Perfect 

Not everything can go according to your plan. Just keep this in mind and the fact that the whole process is not as simple and smooth as you think it is, you need to be calm most of the time. Difficult situation will arise where you will think that everything is going to fall apart but it won’t. It is just that you should be open to changes and just hope that things will be as you planned but if something is not according to your plan, just know that it is okay and it will turn out good. 

There are many other mistakes that homeowners make and that is because nobody is perfect and human beings fail but when you do detailed research and read articles, chances are you will commit less mistakes. Do your research and make a detailed plan before working on anything. Always discuss with professionals and then start working on your plan and hope for the best. 

4 Indulgent Interior Designing Ideas From The Experts

The interior designers have a box of tricks and techniques that can make an ordinary look place a fabulous one but that is only possible if you are willing to spend thousands of bucks on them. If not, it’s fine! Seriously! Designing is not only the forte of professionals. It can be done on a DIY basis as well. Although there will be a huge difference between a space designed by a home decorator and the one designed by a professional interior designer, with some careful planning, some hacks, and tips by the professionals, you can turn a very simple and ordinary place into a comfortable, stylish and appealing whole. Let’s see how?

1. Play With Colors 

If you want to infuse three of your favorite colors into your living room, strike a balance with the proportion of 60% of your most favorite color, 30% of the second, and 10% of the accent color. When the professionals employ 3 or more colors in one room, with this balanced proportion they can never go wrong. Talking about the colors, a tint of red is a must to finish the look even if it’s not one of your favorite colors. Anything of bright red, auburn, or maroon color would do the job. A side couch, or a picture frame, a lampshade, or a plant pot anything would work to bring an amazing finishing look to your place.

2. Create Stylish Nooks 

Every house has a few used and awkward spaces that are good for nothing. The interior designers are adept at creating stylish solutions from such places that are not only elegant in looking but functional as well. So if you have a vacant space by the window, turn it into a reading nook. build a corner bookshelf, place a chair or a couch along with soft cushions on one side and read comfortably by the window. Or turn it into a corner where you can recharge and unwind yourself now and then. It must not be necessarily a reading nook rather a place where you can occasionally take a nap. Cherish yourself with faux fur, a beloved book, and a soft pillow, and a cozy blanket in the otherwise abandoned place of your home. 

3. Panel The Walls 

Wall panels are not only for decorative purposes, they are soundproof, provide insulation durable, and are easily replaceable. The wooden wall panels are often seen as a decorative accessory for traditional houses. Although modern homes use these panels to add texture and character to their homes. So if you are a fan of rustic themes, the tongue and groove panels are significant in giving your home a cozy and subtle feeling. If you are a classicist, the framed mid-height wooden panels are best to give a refined finish to walls. For a trendy look, paint up the panels in vibrant or warm colors.

4. Infuse Personal Taste 

The interior design of a house reflects the sense of style of its residents. An elegantly designed space oozes the charm, creates a place that is equally practical, functional, and unique. And when you are designing it yourself you get a chance to reflect your personal taste in your home. To sharpen your personal style, consult magazines and design books. Also, consult social media to see what’s in trend nowadays. Take into account what you deem suitable. but don’t forget to infuse your personal spin on the latest trends of interior designing. A blend of your personal taste and the latest trends would create a special space and one of its kind. Remember, there’s nothing right or wrong when it comes to designing your own house. All you need is the potential and an eye for it. 

If you are up to the decorative project of your house, start small and plan your initiative with an end in mind. Strategize all phases, make a budget, a floorplan, consult social media and impress your guests with these amazing interior designing ideas. 

4 Kitchen Appliances You Need In 2021

What if I tell you that you don’t have to spend hours of your precious time in the kitchen anymore? Gone are the days when you have to expose yourself to extreme heat radiations or sponge messy dinner plates. With technology at your doorstep, it is time to sit back and let the machines do all the dirty work for you. But the question is which appliance is our need and which is just luxury or what to look for in a certain machine? Stores are packed with top-of-the-line appliances, which one should you buy? Let us break it down and make it easy for you.  

1. Air Fryer

If you would have asked us a few years ago if this product is money well spent or not, we might have said no. But nowadays, smart WIFI air fryers are coming with top-notch specifications. Moreover, anything which is good for your health should be your first priority. There is none to little oil needed to fry your food. I mean what else do you need? Hot, crispy and yummy food ready to serve in just a few minutes is a dream people used to have a few years ago.

Now, a question might have popped up in your head that we do have ovens and deep fryers for that. But you should know that these appliances either make your food soggy or full of oil. Additionally, the beauty of an air fryer is that you can cook up anything in it. Yes, you heard it right, anything you want. Just pop it in and your fryer will do the magic.

If you are someone who loves crisp food in low fat within less time, then go and get one right now.

2. Touchless Soap Dispenser

Everyone hates getting their hands messy and it is even more frustrating if you have a soap or hand-push dispenser. It gets all greasy and grubby when you have to put your dirty hands on it over and over again. Wiping your hands with dirty towels or even putting your hand over at dirty appliances can lead to many health issues. Or even in a hurry, you sometimes might have put a lot of soup in your hand and touching anything is just a lot of cleaning later! The solution? Smart touchless dispensers have got your back. It not only puts the right amount of soup in your hand but saves up your time and energy from all that hassle you used to go through. You can get a pretty decent one dispenser in a very reasonable amount since these products are more common now.  

3. Electric Grill 

No doubt Electric grills are the advancement in technology when it comes to easiness and saving up space. There is no need to light up your old giant fire pits or bring out your rusty tools. Don’t be worried about excess smoke and watery eyes. Electric grills make no smoke at all and dont even need coals! They can make healthy and yummy food and save up your time and effort. There are many smart electric grills in the market which are temperature sensitive and fully autonomous. All the information that it requires from you is to tell it the food type and the rest of the job is machine’s. It won’t let your food get burnt or underdone. For our lazy fellows you can even buy a smartphone-controlled grill, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it.  

4. Smart Pressure Cooker 

If you are someone who has suffered a lot from the merciless pressure cookers with no temperature control, this product is your dream come true. Smart pressure cookers are more of necessity than a luxury now. It connects to an app with guided recipes that teach you how to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sear/sauté, and ferment. It has a built-in scale that allows you to easily measure ingredients and cut down on dishes. Many of these cookers come with preset recipes and with that you have options to save your recipes in it. My brain is saying “Bring me my cooker already!”

Make sure that you always do your research before buying a smart machine there may be many options but the best is the one which cares for all your needs. Because isn’t this we all are expecting from these new technologies? To cater to all of our needs! 

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Double-stacked Kitchen Cabinets

You might have noticed that double stacked cabinets are very popular in kitchen designs these days. Knowing the fact that everything has its pros and cons, double stacked cabinets do increase the storage space but it is not feasible for everyday life and all kitchens layout. They cost you more and they are not easily accessible. If the idea of double stacked cabinets fascinates you a lot, then this quick rundown of advantages and disadvantages will help you in taking the right decision for your kitchen renovation.

Advantages Of Double Stacked Cabinets:

1. They Provide You Extra Storage Space

Many kitchens do not have the upper cabinets that reach the ceiling. If you want additional storage space in your kitchen then you can be super creative with double stacked cabinets. From apparatus to utensils, you can keep anything up there just by stepping up the stool. All seasonal cooking utensils or machines that are not used every day can be stored here. Double stacked cabinets include a feeling of consistency to the stylistic theme.

2. They Can Create Modern Display Space

Double stacked cabinets are trending these days because it helps you to create a modern look. You can display your favourite things or dishware in these upper cabinets with the glass doors. Double stacked cabinets are a less conventional display method than counter space or open shelving.

3. They Can Enhance Your Lighting

The LED lights can be used to decorate upper cabinets with glass doors. It will create a spotlight effect for any decor or dishware you display in them. It will complement other sources of kitchen lighting, such as recessed and pendants lighting and you will end up creating a bright cooking space.

4. They Offer A Finished Look

Keeping a space between upper cabinets and ceiling is so outdated and interrupts the flow of design. Installing taller cabinets might cost more but it also forms a unified and cohesive look. Double-stacked cabinets enhance the kitchen space, a sense of continuity and a unified design.

Disadvantages Of Double Stacked Cabinets:

1. They Aren’t Easy To Access

The tallness of cabinets makes it difficult for workers to access the items that are stored inside them. You will probably have to stand on your countertops or need a stool to get your cookware or decorative items. They are inconvenient and harder to reach. If the upper cabinets are not utilized smartly, they may become inefficient.

2. They Are More Expensive

More cabinets means more cost. If you are choosing double stacked cabinets with the glass front doors, expect the higher expense. 

3. They Require More Maintenance

One of the most significant disadvantages of double stacked cupboards is that these are hard to reach whereas glass door fronts or open shelves certainly require more care. You have to keep the space neat and organized to make the design work for you. Knowing the fact that taller cabinets are difficult to reach, homeowners will have their work cut out for them when cleaning duties roll around.

4. They Can Make Your Kitchen Feel Cramped

Double-stacked cabinets are definitely not a good choice for small kitchens, even with glass door fronts. These cabinets make the room feel overcrowded or smaller. Moreover, cabinets with darker paints, stains and disorganized things can make it seem uninviting. 


Double stacked cabinets are useful spots to keep your regular cookware, dishware  or machines that you don’t utilize much and provide you extra space for storage but also adds additional cost and requires more attention. Keep all these pros and cons while making decisions in your kitchen renovation projects.

Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Time To Remodel Your Kitchen

Now that, you have decided to remodel your kitchen but do not know when to do it. There are multiple factors that come into play when thinking about doing a remodel in your kitchen. Choosing the right time to remodel your kitchen can be hard. The right materials, the right time availability, and the right season can all make a great difference. That is why we would like to make your decision a little bit easier. Whatever your reason, summer is the season! There is no better time to complete your kitchen renovation.

Browse through these seven reasons to find out about the advantages of remodeling in the sunny months.

Weather Conditions

Summer is one of the right seasons that provides the ideal weather conditions and temperature to complete the kitchen remodeling projects that you have been planning. Some of the remodeling tasks like concrete polishing, tiles installation, flooring and various more, require specific temperature to get dry. Due to the hot temperature, you can complete these tasks in less time in summer. Whereas in winters, it particularly takes way more longer time comparative to summers. Plus, the friendly weather makes it easier to leave the house for remodeling, if necessary.

Long Days

In summer, days are longer so take the advantage of natural light. You can schedule more tasks on each day, which will eventually help you in completing your kitchen remodeling project in less days. You get high chances of performing more tasks due to longer daylight hours to work. You will have an improved scheduling experience during these months.

Amount Of Disturbance

Kitchen remodeling requires proper and consistent time and attention. In order to minimize the amount of disturbance and distraction, schedule your remodel project in summer, when your family is away on Vacations. Many responsibilities and events in your life as children’s school and care keep you occupied and might act as a hurdle for you to schedule a remodel for your kitchen. Summer vacations eliminate school as an obstacle. You can keep your kids playing outdoor, rather than staying inside the house to avoid disturbance and distraction during the work process. Summer vacations and a lighter schedule in summer makes it easier to get help from your family members on your project.

Dust And Disorder

During summer, any inconvenience is easier to handle. Dust and disorder are the unavoidable elements of kitchen remodeling processes. You can simply let the dust out by opening the windows and doors in the summer months. You can also take out some of your goods to get better space to work. Moreover ventilation is the key, you will be able to work with your windows open without any fear of damage to your goods by rainfall. You can air out your home without letting in cold, snow, or rain.

Food Preparation

You definitely have to stop the work while you or any of your family members have to prepare food. After that, setting up all the mess and resuming your work consumes a lot of time. Since summer season also favors outdoor activities. It is fun and easier to prepare your food, grill, and eat outside during this renovation process. It helps you to utilize all the time in the work process that you or your family members would be spending to prepare food in the kitchen.

More Productivity

Remodel projects can take several days to complete. It involves complex planning, scheduling and techniques, and then only you will be able to fit so many tasks in a single day before evening arrives. Summer provides you with longer days and good weather conditions, which allows the handyman to be more productive and progress further with the project than before. Greater productivity guarantees the project finishes in a timely manner.

Source Of Heat

You do not need a temporary source of heat to heat yourself, your home or your handyman if you have hired any. You might have to spend more on heating your home in other seasons, in order to maintain the productive environment. 

Each season contributes its own scheduling advantages and disadvantages, particularly when planning an important process like a kitchen remodel. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, the summer is a potentially ideal time to arrange, plan and execute a remodel.

The New Wave In Interior Designing And 5 Ways To Be A Part Of It

Interior designing is an art that goes way back in time, even before our history books or its present name. It could be called the art of creating or enhancing which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye or even symbolizes love to any specific sentiment. This skill has been among humans since ages and it gets even better over the years and keeps on surprising us with its mind-boggling innovations. From the Victorian Palaces to the Sydney Opera House, the art of interior designing incorporates and specifies each culture and represents it truthfully. The art keeps on evolving and modernizing and it keeps giving us more and more options to choose from like while we’re refashioning our houses because, in the midst of all the creative genius in interior designing, we only have to pick what we like or what we can relate to. So, let’s go through some of these options for you to choose from which have been a part of the new wave lately.

Minimalist Style:

Minimalism came into the limelight after the minimalist art movements of the 1960s and 70s inspired by traditional Japanese design and the Zen philosophy. Pigeon-holed by the functionality of things and stripping down to the basics with the inclusion of ultra-clean lines. Minimum use of space with concealed storage. Soft color pallets, airy lighting and streamlined décor are introduced for the flawless combination of an elegant display.

Scandinavian Style:

Scandinavian design as its name suggests finds its roots from the Viking-land. It personifies a mild contrast between minimalism and pure-artsy-magic. High on the efficiency and coziness and an epithet of organic materials, natural lighting and well-rounded detailing along with frequent use of white palette make it one of the crowds’ favorite.

Bohemian Style:

Bohemian designs are the most unique in this list but have gained popularity rapidly over the years as they give-off the care-free vibe, unbothered about the defined norms of society. The eccentricity is quite expressive in these designs as they represent the free-spirit. Vintage furniture, blend of accessories which shouldn’t go along but still trendy as a whole along with no coherence in design or color pallets. Tight spaces and comfy pillows lying on a well-worn rug may all seem out-of-place but enhance each other’s individuality and resulting in an expression of exclusivity and well uniqueness is its exclusivity.

Mid-Century Modern:

Mid-Century Modern flings light to the style of the mid-1900s with a nostalgic essence to it and minimalism being its main theme. Around the presence of functionality, there is a presence of natural shaped designs and easy-to-use modern designs. Color pallets of the mid-century modern hovers around the hues of orange, yellow and green mostly. Simplicity gives it its distinctiveness and depth-touch with nothing over-the-top.

Contemporary Style:

Contemporary style finds its presence and diversity mainly between two fortes that being former and current with it incorporating both while evolving through them as well. It has a tender composition just in between too much and too less. Including a balanced but a modernist aesthetic with a cozy touch to top it all off into a rounded approach to interior designing.

Following all the styles above, one can bring a new outlook to their interior, with bolder and natural materials; compiling styles from all eras, 1920’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. All the styles are inspired from various regions of the world, that inspire the designers globally. These styles project different geological forms and designers are breaking the expected norms; bringing in the unexpected. This year, be more about comfort, fun and homeliness.

The Best Time To Start Renovating Your Home

The reason many homeowners spend a hefty amount of money in home remodelling and renovation is due to their lack of understanding about how renovation works. Just like any other thing if life needs order, renovation or even a remodel requires a timeline or else your costs will just keep going up. Similarly depending on the area of your house the renovation process needs a certain time period (seasons) where it is better to take up that kind of work. 

With this quick guide you will find out the best time to start renovating or remodelling your house and how much time you should be reasonably spending on each part of your house. 

Some Quick Tips:

  1. Before you plan renovation in your house consult a professional and make goals! Don’t step into it without any planning. 
  2. Invest in good quality material but make sure that all these things are affordable. . 
  3. Enlist the contactors and experts that you will be hiring beforehand and consult them before you throw or thrash anything. 
  4. Decide a design style that you want to follow, make a theme so that everything is done accordingly. 
  5. Most importantly your renovation should add more functionality to your house along with value. 
  6. Lastly, never lose track of your plan, stick to your paperwork! That’s the only way to do things right. 

Now let’s find out about the right time for renovation in your house! 

  • Kitchens 

Kitchen being the heart of your home is the most important space in the house. It adds the most inconvenience to your daily life. So consider a handful of factors like your daily issues if people are more busy throughout the year try doing it in those days and not in the holidays when everyone is home. You could cook some meals and freeze them to avoid take out everyday or set up a small cooking space temporarily somewhere else in the house. 

When it comes to weather it’s always preferred by people to do it in summers but getting a renovation in winters can actually be cheaper and quicker. Although if outdoor renovation is involved then working in extremely cold conditions will be difficult. Just make sure you avoid the renovation before christmas as many people renovated their houses at this time so a shortage of materials and designers both happens.

  • Bathrooms 

If more than one bathroom is available in your house then you don’t have to worry about what you would do if the other one is busy. Just don’t start their renovation simultaneously, focus on one washroom at a time and this is how you’ll keep everything  neat and clean. A bathroom renovation takes approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the changes you’re making. For example a custom made glass door for the shower will delay the whole process or a new bathtub you’re looking for. But if you just want to change vanities and add a new touch then you might as well get done in 3 weeks. Tiles usually take the longest. 

We personally suggest that you start work simultaneously in 2-3 bathrooms, because buying things together actually costs less and then you’ll only have to get your house dirty once. More labor may be needed but in 3 weeks you’ll be done! 

  • Living Room 

Living rooms are relatively bigger spaces and also the common space for everyone in the house. This renovation will definitely cost you the most so make sure you choose time very wisely. You could select a time when kids are away in college and somewhere after the festive seasons. The reason we say after the festive season is because the market is very slow in those days so its easy to find a contractor for a lesser price. Even for furniture and decorations a relatively newer collection will be available that no one would be buying. 

We recommend that you bring in a consultant to your house, give him a tour of the space and then let him decide for you. What needs to be changed and what doesn’t this way you’ll save tons in cash and time! Rethink your layout and color scheme to bring the best out of this renovation. 

Make sure that whenever you plan on making detrimental changes in your house you conduct extensive research. Plan your renovation and remodeling in timely and orderly fashion only then you’ll be able to get the most out of your money.

Home Improvements That Return The Most On Resale

While we all know that a major overhauling will increase the overall resale value of your house but not many of us have that kind of cash sitting in our banks or the time to deal with contractors. Although according to reports spending on home improvements have increased for about 50% in the US only. 

If you are considering selling off your home and have some time on your hands, you might want to look into these investments for more resale value.

1.Exterior Improvements

A fresh coat of paint and adding a few plants will convert your main door to a very welcoming home. We recommend going yellow or some other welcoming colors if its summer. If you have pergola to uphold purchase the load bearing columns. Apart from these fiberglass composite are also. You might want to check out yard sales for these if you are going for a vintage look. Replace those awnings to give your windows and doors a new life and don’t forget those worn out iron railing, get yourself some wood.

2.Replacement windows

Big city window replacements pay off big time. In san francisco, seattle, miami, orlando, chicago and NYC the average homeowner recoups more money than they spend on window replacements. For hot climates we recommend getting low e-glass that reflects heat, for maximum efficiency add argon gas to make the insulation last even better. Be wary of people telling you replacing windows pays off in all hot climates, it doesn’t.

3.Living room updates

It costs about 1350$ for staging a newly updated living room. Adding some lights, floor registers, outlet covers, new switches and a bunch of other accessories will give a face lift to your living room. Pro tip, apart from these changes, shift the furniture a bit away from the walls, this makes the living room feel larger. If you have excess furniture don’t stuff it in the garage. Rent a storage room for a dollar per square feet per month.

4.Minor bathroom updates

If you can pipe a children’s cake with their name then you can re-caulk your tub. Use a softener like caulk-be-gone for getting rid of the old caulk. While it dries out, fill the tub with water to stretch the caulk. Replace those shower doors or remove them to create the illusion of space. Remove those dated wallpapers and add a fresh coat of paint. Replace those old rusty taps, showers and faucets, this will bring out the personality of your bathroom.

5.Lanscaping your garden

Not sure where to start, look for your local garden services. They usually offer free design services or just ask your neighbours what works for them. Replace overgrown shrubs with little flower pots. Mix heights and colors to add a more dramatic look to your garden. A charming walking pathway as a focal point not only adds value but also enhances the color and decor of the entire garden. A gallon of eye catching paint on your front door is an eye catching bonus.

6.Bonus room updates

Before selling off your house, know the target audience. As singles use bonus rooms differently than families. Add a bookshelf and new computer sockets.Adding glass doors to your bookshelf will give it a clean finish. Add a rolling file cabinet and beautiful vintage desk, you might get lucky with one from your local yard sale or the flea market. Now after this with a nice lamp and a painting you are good to go. Bonus rooms should be too cluttered to let the buyer play around with this imagination when they visit. 

With a little time and money you will increase your home’s value significantly. Let us know some of your secrets that you did while selling off your homes.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Yourself?

Painting a kitchen cabinet is equivalent to getting a new haircut, changing the entire outlook without spending much money and energy. It is a budget-friendly way of transforming your complete kitchen without the commitment of a whole remodel. Since a high-quality cabinetry set can last up to 40 years, you can rejuvenate your kitchen by only changing their color. But before you put on those work dungarees and start stroking the paintbrush, take a moment to evaluate their condition. If their wearing seems manageable and worth the effort, then follow this guide to paint them yourself.

Choose The Right Paint

First, select the appropriate paint for the cabinets, and no, don’t just focus on the color. Their material is also a critical determiner while making this choice. Read the instruction label on the box or browse the internet on finding the right supplies for your cabinets.

 For example, laminate wood needs a special bonding primer, which allows the paint to stick to the wood. Any high-quality acrylic paint works well for the wooden cabinets and any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper.

The paint’s Colour is also an essential factor as cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen.

Prep The Cabinets

Now that you have decided on the paint, the next order of business is to prepare the paint application space.

  • Empty the cabinets and move all the stuff to another room.
  • Clean them with a duster or cloth.
  • Remove all the hardware and hinges.
  • Remove the old paint using a stripping product.
  • Apply its thin layer with a brush and allow it to mix with old paint.
  • Then using a scrapper, peel the paint off.
  • Handle the leftover bits with sandpaper.
  • Using a wood filler, fill all the holes.
  • Cover all the surfaces with plastic sheets to avoid stains.

Make sure everything is clean and dust-free before applying paint.

Prime The Cabinets

Primer is used to lay an even foundation on the surface, which allows the paint to stick. In addition to this, it conceals any imperfection. Take a brush and begin applying a layer of primer. Don’t fuss over it being perfect as you will cover it with paint. 

Start painting from the inside of the cabinets and gradually work your way to the outside. Don’t miss the corners or any details in the design. Once finished, take a dry roller and run it gently over the surface to smooth out any buildup. For drawers only, paint their front and avoid the inside as well as its sides.

Painting The Cabinets

Now it’s time to paint them with any color of your choice. Use the same technique as above and start from the inside to the outside. Apply even coats using a brush (for narrow regions) and roller (for more expansive surfaces). Apply wet paint at the end of the previous stroke to continue the next and spread the paint outwards while painting the edges. Once the first coat is fully dry, apply the second layer. Don’t rush as it can create an uneven surface. Leave the final to layer dry again before making the finishing touches.

Replacing The Hardware

Now let the paint settle for at least 24 hours before putting everything back together. Start by attaching the doors to the cabinets, followed by the handles. If the hardware matches the new color, then only clean and spray paint them. Otherwise, go ahead, buy new handles and knobs. After all, you don’t want to mess up the whole aesthetics.

Ensure that you buy water and greaseproof paint as cabinets endure a lot of heat and moisture. It also helps with cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, you can finish the job off with a final coating of protective spray.

Best Interior Design Trends Of This Decade

Each decade highlighted a new interior design trend with itself like, the 80s were famous for post-modernist bold and edgy designs, the 90s were all about sophisticated and neutral tones, and the 00 drew inspiration from Scandinavian minimalist interior designs. But the recent decade brought in the following collection of design trends that drew inspiration from the past but with a hint of the modern world.

Scandinavian Minimalism

The inclination towards the Scandinavian interior design began at the end of the 2000s and the dawn of the 2010s. The Danish term Hygge which loosely translates to comfort became famous. People wanted the design elements that gave their house a cozy look and added to its comfort. The three basic constituents of this design philosophy were simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. They make use of natural lighting, neutral hues, and natural materials like wood or leather. The main theme is to avoid any clutter and keep things stored in storage units to create the illusion of bigger spaces. This design trend led to increased demand for Ikea furniture worldwide.

Brass And Warm Metallics

Brass became famous in interior design because of its gorgeous color. From being used in the fixtures to being used for covering lights, it rose to fame in the early part of this decade. Especially when a high-end designer named Lindsey Adelman used brass for making bubble chandeliers using hardware supplies. She introduced a quick and simple DIY for making metallic chandeliers, which immediately grew famous among the general public.  

Modern Farmhouse

The hybrid of traditional rustic country charm and minimalistic modern tones. The modern farmhouse lies somewhere in between the spectrum adopting character from one and warm from the other. The basic idea is to use bright white or beige colored paint as the backdrop while using colorful and interesting decorative pieces to add life to space. Mixing and matching the contrasting colors and patterns through a careful placement to give the place a unique touch. The reason why people feel more inclined towards this style especially, those living in urban cities of New York, London, and Los Angeles, is that it provides a sense of comfort amongst their busy and tiring lifestyle. 


The idea behind this form of interior design is to derive influences from a diverse variety of sources, patterns, periods, and colors. This trend is so in vogue these days as it gives consumers a medium to express themselves by mixing various elements, unlike the modern design, which only focused on one theme. For example, the use of plants, neon signs, fairy lights, victorian furniture, vivid and bright patterns, and a contrasting color palette in one room. There are no rules or restrictions that one has to follow in eclecticism, as it only focuses on finding things that feel right for you.

Mid Century Modernism

This aesthetic movement originated around the 50s, in a post World War 2 era. But it somehow managed to survive until this decade due to its timeless style and high functionality. The movement makes use of the room’s natural elements like wood panels, sunlight from windows, and uncemented brick walls. The most quintessential elements of midcentury modernism are:

  • Make wood the center of attention.
  • Use as much sunlight as you can.
  • Less is more
  • Retro or Vintage art
  • Neutral Toned Walls
  • Use a piece of furniture or sculpture as a focal point of the room.

The bottom line is that now consumers are more into buying things that are bespoke, unique to their character, sustainable, practical, comfortable, and stylish. Due to the hustle and bustle of city life has given rise to the trend of bringing nature inside by indoor plants. Moreover, now people have the liberty to experiment and mix different styles to create a space that best suits their needs, thanks to some post-modern design movements. So don’t be afraid to be creative and play with various details.

How to rent rooms

To university students away from home, tourists on vacation, in Rome, Milan, Naples: have you ever thought about renting rooms in your home? You have a free room, which I could easily rent to someone and therefore earn some money, to round off the salary or help pay the mortgage, for example.

There are not rare cases of families or individuals who decide to rent a room in their private home: certainly, to the detriment of a little privacy that will undoubtedly be lost, but certainly generating an additional source of income that, these days, is not it’s a small thing. Let’s see how to behave and comply with the various cases.

How to rent rooms

1. Short term rentals (less than 28 days) . If the rent to a particular person lasts less than 28 days in a year, it is not necessary to register the rental contract with the Revenue Agency, but a “private writing”, ie a contract between the parties, is sufficient. Obviously at the end of the rental period you will have to issue a receipt to the person, which you can use for the tax return (with Unico model or 730, depending on your case) and then pay the taxes due.

In this way you can rent your room to several people (typically the case of renting tourists) during the year. Be careful though: you can rent for a maximum of 9 months a year.

2. Medium / long term rentals . If the rent lasts from one month to 18 months, it is called “transitory type rent”. In this case, the contract must be registered with the Revenue Agency. For registration you will have to pay a fee equal to 2% of the annual fee (this amount is to be divided into two, in equal parts, between the owner and the tenant). Furthermore, as regards taxation, you can choose between the ordinary regime or that of the dry coupon.

The transitional contract is not renewable. At the end of the contract, therefore, you can only enter into a new contract.

3. Long rentals . If you know the person you are renting to and you already know that the rent will last for a long period, you can enter into a “4 + 4 rental contract”. Obviously this contract too must be registered with the Inland Revenue and allows you to choose between ordinary taxation or dry coupon. unless one of the parties communicates an early cancellation.

Remember that renting “in black”, as well as illegal, is also risky, because the tenant has the opportunity to report you and obtain payment of a very low rent. If you believe you are not an expert in the field of rentals and taxation, you can rely on your accountant or real estate agencies specializing in rental management.

How to dissolve the communion of a property in co-ownership

When an asset belongs to several subjects, it is said that it is in communion: it is therefore a situation of co-ownership of multiple subjects. Co-ownership means equal value for all, unless there are different divisions.

Sometimes staying in a communion can generate inconvenience or be managed within conflicts: this is why you can resort to division, to the dissolution of property. Let’s see how.

It is always possible, without a prescription, to ask for the division of the asset. The good can always be divided, unless it is a good that, if divided, becomes useless for the use for which it is intended.

The division action
The division can be requested by any owner, regardless of his share of ownership. At this point two cases emerge:

  1. All co-owners accept the division and find an agreement : the consensual division proceeds . The contract for dividing a property must be written, otherwise it is void; it must also be transcribed. For these formalities it will be necessary to rely on a notary, who will also deal with the formation of the parts (called lots).
  2. There is no agreement between the co-owners : it is necessary to contact the judge ( judicial division . The case becomes more complicated: there may in fact be no agreement for various reasons, for example for the division of lots or precisely because not everyone agrees with the division of the good.

In this case, if it is a single property and if there are no other solutions of agreement between the parties, the judge will be able to order the auction sale and the proceeds delivered to the former co-owners, according to their own co-ownership share. If it is a simply divisible asset (ex: a two-family villa) and the co-owners are two, you can instead opt for the division of the asset into two.

Attention: if the co-owners have entered into an indivision agreement , co-ownership cannot be divided. The indivision agreement can last a maximum of ten years.

Suppose there is a mortgage on the house. At this point, if the parties manage to agree on the division, each will contribute to the mortgage according to its share.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a mediator or, ultimately, a judge can be contacted. Therefore, if the money obtained through the auction is sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the remainder is divided between the parts according to its share.

If, on the other hand, the proceeds from the sale are not sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the parties will contribute to the payment according to their shares.

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