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Interior designing & Furniture

We provide interior designing for kitchens, lounges, bedrooms and so on. 


We provide you with the best quality and suitable furniture for your indoors as well as outdoors. 

Wallpaper & Paint

We choose the best quality and best designed wallpapers to give life to your walls. So, get rid of those boring solid colored walls. 


If you do not want wallpapers, you can also choose to have your walls painted in solid colors or designed colors as you like.

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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Yourself?

Painting a kitchen cabinet is equivalent to getting a new haircut, changing the entire outlook without spending much money and energy. It is a budget-friendly way of transforming your complete kitchen without the commitment of a whole remodel. Since a high-quality cabinetry set can last up to 40 years, you can rejuvenate your kitchen by only changing their color. But before you put on those work dungarees and start stroking the paintbrush, take a moment to evaluate their condition. If their wearing seems manageable and worth the effort, then follow this guide to paint them yourself.

Choose The Right Paint

First, select the appropriate paint for the cabinets, and no, don’t just focus on the color. Their material is also a critical determiner while making this choice. Read the instruction label on the box or browse the internet on finding the right supplies for your cabinets.

 For example, laminate wood needs a special bonding primer, which allows the paint to stick to the wood. Any high-quality acrylic paint works well for the wooden cabinets and any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper.

The paint’s Colour is also an essential factor as cabinets are the focal point of a kitchen.

Prep The Cabinets

Now that you have decided on the paint, the next order of business is to prepare the paint application space.

  • Empty the cabinets and move all the stuff to another room.
  • Clean them with a duster or cloth.
  • Remove all the hardware and hinges.
  • Remove the old paint using a stripping product.
  • Apply its thin layer with a brush and allow it to mix with old paint.
  • Then using a scrapper, peel the paint off.
  • Handle the leftover bits with sandpaper.
  • Using a wood filler, fill all the holes.
  • Cover all the surfaces with plastic sheets to avoid stains.

Make sure everything is clean and dust-free before applying paint.

Prime The Cabinets

Primer is used to lay an even foundation on the surface, which allows the paint to stick. In addition to this, it conceals any imperfection. Take a brush and begin applying a layer of primer. Don’t fuss over it being perfect as you will cover it with paint. 

Start painting from the inside of the cabinets and gradually work your way to the outside. Don’t miss the corners or any details in the design. Once finished, take a dry roller and run it gently over the surface to smooth out any buildup. For drawers only, paint their front and avoid the inside as well as its sides.

Painting The Cabinets

Now it’s time to paint them with any color of your choice. Use the same technique as above and start from the inside to the outside. Apply even coats using a brush (for narrow regions) and roller (for more expansive surfaces). Apply wet paint at the end of the previous stroke to continue the next and spread the paint outwards while painting the edges. Once the first coat is fully dry, apply the second layer. Don’t rush as it can create an uneven surface. Leave the final to layer dry again before making the finishing touches.

Replacing The Hardware

Now let the paint settle for at least 24 hours before putting everything back together. Start by attaching the doors to the cabinets, followed by the handles. If the hardware matches the new color, then only clean and spray paint them. Otherwise, go ahead, buy new handles and knobs. After all, you don’t want to mess up the whole aesthetics.

Ensure that you buy water and greaseproof paint as cabinets endure a lot of heat and moisture. It also helps with cleaning and maintenance. On the other hand, you can finish the job off with a final coating of protective spray.

Best Interior Design Trends Of This Decade

Each decade highlighted a new interior design trend with itself like, the 80s were famous for post-modernist bold and edgy designs, the 90s were all about sophisticated and neutral tones, and the 00 drew inspiration from Scandinavian minimalist interior designs. But the recent decade brought in the following collection of design trends that drew inspiration from the past but with a hint of the modern world.

Scandinavian Minimalism

The inclination towards the Scandinavian interior design began at the end of the 2000s and the dawn of the 2010s. The Danish term Hygge which loosely translates to comfort became famous. People wanted the design elements that gave their house a cozy look and added to its comfort. The three basic constituents of this design philosophy were simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. They make use of natural lighting, neutral hues, and natural materials like wood or leather. The main theme is to avoid any clutter and keep things stored in storage units to create the illusion of bigger spaces. This design trend led to increased demand for Ikea furniture worldwide.

Brass And Warm Metallics

Brass became famous in interior design because of its gorgeous color. From being used in the fixtures to being used for covering lights, it rose to fame in the early part of this decade. Especially when a high-end designer named Lindsey Adelman used brass for making bubble chandeliers using hardware supplies. She introduced a quick and simple DIY for making metallic chandeliers, which immediately grew famous among the general public.  

Modern Farmhouse

The hybrid of traditional rustic country charm and minimalistic modern tones. The modern farmhouse lies somewhere in between the spectrum adopting character from one and warm from the other. The basic idea is to use bright white or beige colored paint as the backdrop while using colorful and interesting decorative pieces to add life to space. Mixing and matching the contrasting colors and patterns through a careful placement to give the place a unique touch. The reason why people feel more inclined towards this style especially, those living in urban cities of New York, London, and Los Angeles, is that it provides a sense of comfort amongst their busy and tiring lifestyle. 


The idea behind this form of interior design is to derive influences from a diverse variety of sources, patterns, periods, and colors. This trend is so in vogue these days as it gives consumers a medium to express themselves by mixing various elements, unlike the modern design, which only focused on one theme. For example, the use of plants, neon signs, fairy lights, victorian furniture, vivid and bright patterns, and a contrasting color palette in one room. There are no rules or restrictions that one has to follow in eclecticism, as it only focuses on finding things that feel right for you.

Mid Century Modernism

This aesthetic movement originated around the 50s, in a post World War 2 era. But it somehow managed to survive until this decade due to its timeless style and high functionality. The movement makes use of the room’s natural elements like wood panels, sunlight from windows, and uncemented brick walls. The most quintessential elements of midcentury modernism are:

  • Make wood the center of attention.
  • Use as much sunlight as you can.
  • Less is more
  • Retro or Vintage art
  • Neutral Toned Walls
  • Use a piece of furniture or sculpture as a focal point of the room.

The bottom line is that now consumers are more into buying things that are bespoke, unique to their character, sustainable, practical, comfortable, and stylish. Due to the hustle and bustle of city life has given rise to the trend of bringing nature inside by indoor plants. Moreover, now people have the liberty to experiment and mix different styles to create a space that best suits their needs, thanks to some post-modern design movements. So don’t be afraid to be creative and play with various details.

How to rent rooms

To university students away from home, tourists on vacation, in Rome, Milan, Naples: have you ever thought about renting rooms in your home? You have a free room, which I could easily rent to someone and therefore earn some money, to round off the salary or help pay the mortgage, for example.

There are not rare cases of families or individuals who decide to rent a room in their private home: certainly, to the detriment of a little privacy that will undoubtedly be lost, but certainly generating an additional source of income that, these days, is not it’s a small thing. Let’s see how to behave and comply with the various cases.

How to rent rooms

1. Short term rentals (less than 28 days) . If the rent to a particular person lasts less than 28 days in a year, it is not necessary to register the rental contract with the Revenue Agency, but a “private writing”, ie a contract between the parties, is sufficient. Obviously at the end of the rental period you will have to issue a receipt to the person, which you can use for the tax return (with Unico model or 730, depending on your case) and then pay the taxes due.

In this way you can rent your room to several people (typically the case of renting tourists) during the year. Be careful though: you can rent for a maximum of 9 months a year.

2. Medium / long term rentals . If the rent lasts from one month to 18 months, it is called “transitory type rent”. In this case, the contract must be registered with the Revenue Agency. For registration you will have to pay a fee equal to 2% of the annual fee (this amount is to be divided into two, in equal parts, between the owner and the tenant). Furthermore, as regards taxation, you can choose between the ordinary regime or that of the dry coupon.

The transitional contract is not renewable. At the end of the contract, therefore, you can only enter into a new contract.

3. Long rentals . If you know the person you are renting to and you already know that the rent will last for a long period, you can enter into a “4 + 4 rental contract”. Obviously this contract too must be registered with the Inland Revenue and allows you to choose between ordinary taxation or dry coupon. unless one of the parties communicates an early cancellation.

Remember that renting “in black”, as well as illegal, is also risky, because the tenant has the opportunity to report you and obtain payment of a very low rent. If you believe you are not an expert in the field of rentals and taxation, you can rely on your accountant or real estate agencies specializing in rental management.

How to dissolve the communion of a property in co-ownership

When an asset belongs to several subjects, it is said that it is in communion: it is therefore a situation of co-ownership of multiple subjects. Co-ownership means equal value for all, unless there are different divisions.

Sometimes staying in a communion can generate inconvenience or be managed within conflicts: this is why you can resort to division, to the dissolution of property. Let’s see how.

It is always possible, without a prescription, to ask for the division of the asset. The good can always be divided, unless it is a good that, if divided, becomes useless for the use for which it is intended.

The division action
The division can be requested by any owner, regardless of his share of ownership. At this point two cases emerge:

  1. All co-owners accept the division and find an agreement : the consensual division proceeds . The contract for dividing a property must be written, otherwise it is void; it must also be transcribed. For these formalities it will be necessary to rely on a notary, who will also deal with the formation of the parts (called lots).
  2. There is no agreement between the co-owners : it is necessary to contact the judge ( judicial division . The case becomes more complicated: there may in fact be no agreement for various reasons, for example for the division of lots or precisely because not everyone agrees with the division of the good.

In this case, if it is a single property and if there are no other solutions of agreement between the parties, the judge will be able to order the auction sale and the proceeds delivered to the former co-owners, according to their own co-ownership share. If it is a simply divisible asset (ex: a two-family villa) and the co-owners are two, you can instead opt for the division of the asset into two.

Attention: if the co-owners have entered into an indivision agreement , co-ownership cannot be divided. The indivision agreement can last a maximum of ten years.

Suppose there is a mortgage on the house. At this point, if the parties manage to agree on the division, each will contribute to the mortgage according to its share.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a mediator or, ultimately, a judge can be contacted. Therefore, if the money obtained through the auction is sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the remainder is divided between the parts according to its share.

If, on the other hand, the proceeds from the sale are not sufficient to pay off the mortgage, the parties will contribute to the payment according to their shares.

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