4 Indulgent Interior Designing Ideas From The Experts

The interior designers have a box of tricks and techniques that can make an ordinary look place a fabulous one but that is only possible if you are willing to spend thousands of bucks on them. If not, it’s fine! Seriously! Designing is not only the forte of professionals. It can be done on a DIY basis as well. Although there will be a huge difference between a space designed by a home decorator and the one designed by a professional interior designer, with some careful planning, some hacks, and tips by the professionals, you can turn a very simple and ordinary place into a comfortable, stylish and appealing whole. Let’s see how?

1. Play With Colors 

If you want to infuse three of your favorite colors into your living room, strike a balance with the proportion of 60% of your most favorite color, 30% of the second, and 10% of the accent color. When the professionals employ 3 or more colors in one room, with this balanced proportion they can never go wrong. Talking about the colors, a tint of red is a must to finish the look even if it’s not one of your favorite colors. Anything of bright red, auburn, or maroon color would do the job. A side couch, or a picture frame, a lampshade, or a plant pot anything would work to bring an amazing finishing look to your place.

2. Create Stylish Nooks 

Every house has a few used and awkward spaces that are good for nothing. The interior designers are adept at creating stylish solutions from such places that are not only elegant in looking but functional as well. So if you have a vacant space by the window, turn it into a reading nook. build a corner bookshelf, place a chair or a couch along with soft cushions on one side and read comfortably by the window. Or turn it into a corner where you can recharge and unwind yourself now and then. It must not be necessarily a reading nook rather a place where you can occasionally take a nap. Cherish yourself with faux fur, a beloved book, and a soft pillow, and a cozy blanket in the otherwise abandoned place of your home. 

3. Panel The Walls 

Wall panels are not only for decorative purposes, they are soundproof, provide insulation durable, and are easily replaceable. The wooden wall panels are often seen as a decorative accessory for traditional houses. Although modern homes use these panels to add texture and character to their homes. So if you are a fan of rustic themes, the tongue and groove panels are significant in giving your home a cozy and subtle feeling. If you are a classicist, the framed mid-height wooden panels are best to give a refined finish to walls. For a trendy look, paint up the panels in vibrant or warm colors.

4. Infuse Personal Taste 

The interior design of a house reflects the sense of style of its residents. An elegantly designed space oozes the charm, creates a place that is equally practical, functional, and unique. And when you are designing it yourself you get a chance to reflect your personal taste in your home. To sharpen your personal style, consult magazines and design books. Also, consult social media to see what’s in trend nowadays. Take into account what you deem suitable. but don’t forget to infuse your personal spin on the latest trends of interior designing. A blend of your personal taste and the latest trends would create a special space and one of its kind. Remember, there’s nothing right or wrong when it comes to designing your own house. All you need is the potential and an eye for it. 

If you are up to the decorative project of your house, start small and plan your initiative with an end in mind. Strategize all phases, make a budget, a floorplan, consult social media and impress your guests with these amazing interior designing ideas.