5 DIY Interior Design Ideas For The Pandemic

The covid-19 has gotten all of us on weird coping mechanisms when it comes to being locked down in your home. But did you know that decluttering, rearranging, and redecorating your space can be one of them? Especially if you are into DIY, this is golden for you. 

Start by looking at all the things in your house that you might want to change, from corners to entire rooms. From painting to throwing away stuff to fixing the leg of your favorite table, this is your chance. We can never get so much time on our hands in human history again. After the list is done, dig in below and see what we can cross off that list. 

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Moving your furniture around is the quickest and easiest way to transform your space. Make your sofa face a different direction, push a bunch of armchairs together and cozy up the place. Mainly focus on where you want the most comfort and spend the most time. This is because the pandemic has changed our lifestyles quite a lot. We might not want to spend our days working in our home office or in the home library. Cozy up the drawing-room with some throws and pillows if you spend your waking hours there. Moreover, you can also use your bookshelves to transform the space. Add a few small plants, a few picture frames, and arrange your books with color coding and you are good to go.

2. Paint

Whether it’s your walls or your furniture a fresh coat of paint can accent the overall look. If you have some leftover paint, use that to paint a small table or a portion of your dining wall, etc. Not only is painting a therapeutic activity during your alone time but can boost your creativity. You can also paint a mural or something with bold color and place it in your entryway. We recommend going for bold colors if the overall look of your place is neat and pastel and vice versa would be a great way too. You can order the paint online if you don’t have any leftover from the previous remodel.

3. Change Your Wall Decor

Rearrange the wall decor, switch rooms for the paintings or the photographs, and watch your room come to life. Dig up some old pictures or take your bedroom wall hanging to the drawing-room and vice versa. If you are into DIY, get on google and see what you can do. Wooden slats, twigs, and planks can all be used to make photo frames at home. Furthermore, get your quirky pieces out as well. Your favorite guitar, a piece of song, a quotation, your masks and ticket stubs all can be used to decorate your space. Also, look up Pinterest to get more inspiration.

4. Deep Clean And Declutter

Cleaning can be a very therapeutic activity, not only will it help you arrange and reorganize your stuff but also mentally helps you calm down too. If you have been eyeing some dirty corners, rusty appliances, lampshades, and old furniture, this is the time to clean or get rid of all that stuff. We recommend making two boxes, one for reuse and one for donation.

During this difficult time around the world, we are sure you can find people who would use and need the clothes, blankets, towels, and other things lying around your house much more than you do. When it comes to your kitchen, take out all those containers and label them after cleaning. 

5. Create A Garden

If you have a garden, it’s time to get your hands dirty. If not, let’s start small by growing a small veggie patch. Start by taking out the dead plants, pick out or cut the dirty leaves or roots, add some fertilizer to shake them up. Change the placement of the plants that either need more light or less light accordingly. Speaking of plants, you can also paint your pots while you are painting your furniture. We recommend spending time in your garden whether it’s a small balcony or a huge courtyard.

Making use of your downtime to help your mental health as well as your home is a bonus. There is something soothing about quietly making changes to your space and making it your own.  Let us know what projects you took while on lockdown and how it transformed your health and home.