5 Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Home Office

Home offices are becoming popular since the pandemic has everyone working from home. A space that you spend most of your day working in, should be relaxing, comfortable and energizing at the same time. There are many things to consider when building a home office like the lighting, space, noise/disturbances etc. Renovating a space to be your working nook is a great DIY project that can be easily done in a low budget with some expert guidance. 

Here a few things you should consider while selecting a space and building your home office:

1. The Right Space:

This is very important to consider and not just use an extra closet or space by the window to place a desk and chair and get to work. The right place is made up of the following factors:

  • Enough room for an office desk, some extra chairs (for entertaining guests or clients), some book shelves or organisers for files
  • One or more windows to let fresh air through to keep you energized. 
  • The traffic flow in and close to the room 
  • The frequency of distractions and noise around the room
  • A stable WiFi connection

This of course depends on how much space you have around the house and you don’t have to spend a large budget decorating a room, but try to find a place that has no noise and distractions and an ample seating space with a comfortable environment.

2. Functional Furniture:

Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it has to be a soulless cubicle. You can decorate it with warm accents and comfortable furniture. You can create a contemporary office that features art, decor pieces, and modern furniture. But while you focus on making the space look homey, don’t forget that the furniture you choose has to be functional and comfortable since you’ll be working on it all day. You can save some money by buying organisers, shelves and drawers from a flea market and repurposing it however you want to compliment your interior design. 

3. Natural light and Air Flow:

If you manage to create your office in a room that has ample natural light and a window, try to place your work desk facing the window to get better light and a beautiful view. You can keep some plants by the window to create a prettier view! But if you don’t have a window available you can create a fake window with a nice painting and some low maintenance indoor plants! 

4. Efficient Storage:

With an office definitely comes the need for some storage space. Since many homes aren’t swimming in storage space, make sure you have used whatever space you have efficiently. You can use both horizontal and vertical storage like shelves, drawers, organizing baskets etc. Baskets are useful if you tend to make piles on and around your desk. If you don’t have a built-in bookshelf you can also use metal cube storage! 

5. Chord Organizers:

If you have kids around the house and don’t want them near chords and electrical wires, you can invest in some chord organisers. There are different types of ways to cover your chords for example fabric cord covers, adhesive cable clips, cable boxes etc. Cable boxes are great if you want to completely hide your chords. Try to tame the jungle of wires under your desk to make it look tidy. Chord organizers help make the space look neat and child friendly!

Home offices are a fun project to work on and prove to be extremely useful while you’re working from home. They help imitate a professional working environment and you don’t have to work stuffed in a corner. Utilize any spare room around the house as a temporary or permanent office space and turn it into something that makes you want to burn that midnight oil!