6 Ways to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen

Your once trendy kitchen may seem outdated after a few years, especially when there are numerous new interior d├ęcor and remodeling styles available to choose from.

The once stylish laminated countertop or linoleum flooring is no longer in vogue. So, a fresh face-lift for your kitchen using new creative design trends, a blend of extraordinary colors, modern appliances, eco-friendly and economic alternatives, will modernize your outdated kitchen and boost the value of your home significantly, especially if you are interested in selling it soon.

1. Upgrade the Metal Surfaces

Decades ago, metals were a popular choice for kitchen hardware, and although it fluctuates in and out of home fashion, upgrading it will bring a modern flair to your kitchen.

With new and innovative designs produced by manufacturers, you can redo your old metal fixtures such as drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, hooks, etc.

Metals that could easily rust after a while are no longer considered fashionable; instead, matte aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brushed gold, etc., are far more preferred aesthetically and for their durability.

You can use these upgraded metals for your cabinetry hardware, range hood, pendant lighting, under-cabinet lighting, stoves, sinks, trashcans, etc. These not only look lavish and modern, but they last longer and result in fewer maintenance costs over time.

2. Time to Redo Your Flooring

When you walk into a kitchen, your eyes zero in on the floor since it pops out. Despite its massive impact and importance on the overall appearance of your kitchen, it is often ignored or forgotten altogether.

To spruce it up, we recommend redoing your flooring and switching from the boring, traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum to a more fashionable and resilient option. Wooden, tiled, stone flooring are a few options that never truly go out of fashion. Not only do they add aesthetic value to your kitchen, but they are also easier to clean and maintain.

These alternatives also last longer as well. Slate, travertine, or ceramic tile that mimics the chic look of hardwood flooring has also gained significant popularity in recent days. You can even take it a step further and switch to marble flooring. Though it may be expensive, there is nothing quite like it either in terms of appearance or durability.

3. Restyle Your Countertops

Did you know that your kitchen countertops get a massive chunk of real estate in your kitchen? There are an endless variety of countertop surface options available for homeowners to choose from.

Outdated tile-and-grout or inexpensive vinyl countertops are last seasons. When remodeling your kitchen, you can pick from solid surfacing varieties to resin, natural stone such as marble and granite, or polymers.

No matter your styling preferences or budget, there is an option out there that is perfect for your needs. More and more interior designers have added creative materials for countertops such as concrete, brick, tile, etc., that immensely improve the look and durability of your kitchen.

4. Switch to Energy-Efficient Power Sources

You simply cannot modernize a kitchen without switching to energy-efficient power sources that protect the environment and reduce your energy costs.

To reduce your carbon footprint, we recommend starting with your outdated kitchen appliances. If you are purchasing new equipment for your kitchen or replacing the old one, switch to energy-efficient styles and options that not only look sleek and chic but also save money and help the environment by producing minimal waste.

You can also replace plumbing fixtures and repair leaky faucets, burst pipes, etc., to help save water consumption and wastage in the long run.

After all, updating and modernizing your kitchen is not just about making it prettier or more luxurious; it is also about making it more economical and environment friendly.

5. Invest in Better Lighting

Another important factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen is the lighting. Most outdated kitchens have main overhead lighting which is often not enough for when you are chopping or completing tasks in the corner of the kitchen where there is simply not enough light.

To resolve this issue, you can install under-cabinet lighting with a dimmer that uses energy-saving bulbs and are directly placed above the counter, so you have enough lighting wherever you are working. You no longer need to switch on all overhead lights just to get a task done.

Better lighting is also essential for the safety, versatility, and ambiance of your kitchen. Try going for recessed lighting for a modern appeal. Pendant lighting on top of the kitchen island illuminates the glossy texture of the surface, creating a romantic glow that simply makes your surroundings look gorgeous.

6. Install Panel-Ready Appliances

One of the most successful game-changers of 21st-century interior design is panel-ready kitchen appliances. These are available through most appliance companies and are excellent for saving precious space.

Since your appliances perfectly blend with the cabinets and other accessories in the kitchen, it makes your kitchen appear more polished and organized. You can slide your dishwasher out from behind the lower cabinet, or pull out the trash can attached to the cabinet under the sink, etc.

These panel-ready appliances also come in different colors and styles, adding a superb focal point to your kitchen.