Home Improvements That Return The Most On Resale

While we all know that a major overhauling will increase the overall resale value of your house but not many of us have that kind of cash sitting in our banks or the time to deal with contractors. Although according to reports spending on home improvements have increased for about 50% in the US only. 

If you are considering selling off your home and have some time on your hands, you might want to look into these investments for more resale value.

1.Exterior Improvements

A fresh coat of paint and adding a few plants will convert your main door to a very welcoming home. We recommend going yellow or some other welcoming colors if its summer. If you have pergola to uphold purchase the load bearing columns. Apart from these fiberglass composite are also. You might want to check out yard sales for these if you are going for a vintage look. Replace those awnings to give your windows and doors a new life and don’t forget those worn out iron railing, get yourself some wood.

2.Replacement windows

Big city window replacements pay off big time. In san francisco, seattle, miami, orlando, chicago and NYC the average homeowner recoups more money than they spend on window replacements. For hot climates we recommend getting low e-glass that reflects heat, for maximum efficiency add argon gas to make the insulation last even better. Be wary of people telling you replacing windows pays off in all hot climates, it doesn’t.

3.Living room updates

It costs about 1350$ for staging a newly updated living room. Adding some lights, floor registers, outlet covers, new switches and a bunch of other accessories will give a face lift to your living room. Pro tip, apart from these changes, shift the furniture a bit away from the walls, this makes the living room feel larger. If you have excess furniture don’t stuff it in the garage. Rent a storage room for a dollar per square feet per month.

4.Minor bathroom updates

If you can pipe a children’s cake with their name then you can re-caulk your tub. Use a softener like caulk-be-gone for getting rid of the old caulk. While it dries out, fill the tub with water to stretch the caulk. Replace those shower doors or remove them to create the illusion of space. Remove those dated wallpapers and add a fresh coat of paint. Replace those old rusty taps, showers and faucets, this will bring out the personality of your bathroom.

5.Lanscaping your garden

Not sure where to start, look for your local garden services. They usually offer free design services or just ask your neighbours what works for them. Replace overgrown shrubs with little flower pots. Mix heights and colors to add a more dramatic look to your garden. A charming walking pathway as a focal point not only adds value but also enhances the color and decor of the entire garden. A gallon of eye catching paint on your front door is an eye catching bonus.

6.Bonus room updates

Before selling off your house, know the target audience. As singles use bonus rooms differently than families. Add a bookshelf and new computer sockets.Adding glass doors to your bookshelf will give it a clean finish. Add a rolling file cabinet and beautiful vintage desk, you might get lucky with one from your local yard sale or the flea market. Now after this with a nice lamp and a painting you are good to go. Bonus rooms should be too cluttered to let the buyer play around with this imagination when they visit. 

With a little time and money you will increase your home’s value significantly. Let us know some of your secrets that you did while selling off your homes.