The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Double-stacked Kitchen Cabinets

You might have noticed that double stacked cabinets are very popular in kitchen designs these days. Knowing the fact that everything has its pros and cons, double stacked cabinets do increase the storage space but it is not feasible for everyday life and all kitchens layout. They cost you more and they are not easily accessible. If the idea of double stacked cabinets fascinates you a lot, then this quick rundown of advantages and disadvantages will help you in taking the right decision for your kitchen renovation.

Advantages Of Double Stacked Cabinets:

1. They Provide You Extra Storage Space

Many kitchens do not have the upper cabinets that reach the ceiling. If you want additional storage space in your kitchen then you can be super creative with double stacked cabinets. From apparatus to utensils, you can keep anything up there just by stepping up the stool. All seasonal cooking utensils or machines that are not used every day can be stored here. Double stacked cabinets include a feeling of consistency to the stylistic theme.

2. They Can Create Modern Display Space

Double stacked cabinets are trending these days because it helps you to create a modern look. You can display your favourite things or dishware in these upper cabinets with the glass doors. Double stacked cabinets are a less conventional display method than counter space or open shelving.

3. They Can Enhance Your Lighting

The LED lights can be used to decorate upper cabinets with glass doors. It will create a spotlight effect for any decor or dishware you display in them. It will complement other sources of kitchen lighting, such as recessed and pendants lighting and you will end up creating a bright cooking space.

4. They Offer A Finished Look

Keeping a space between upper cabinets and ceiling is so outdated and interrupts the flow of design. Installing taller cabinets might cost more but it also forms a unified and cohesive look. Double-stacked cabinets enhance the kitchen space, a sense of continuity and a unified design.

Disadvantages Of Double Stacked Cabinets:

1. They Aren’t Easy To Access

The tallness of cabinets makes it difficult for workers to access the items that are stored inside them. You will probably have to stand on your countertops or need a stool to get your cookware or decorative items. They are inconvenient and harder to reach. If the upper cabinets are not utilized smartly, they may become inefficient.

2. They Are More Expensive

More cabinets means more cost. If you are choosing double stacked cabinets with the glass front doors, expect the higher expense. 

3. They Require More Maintenance

One of the most significant disadvantages of double stacked cupboards is that these are hard to reach whereas glass door fronts or open shelves certainly require more care. You have to keep the space neat and organized to make the design work for you. Knowing the fact that taller cabinets are difficult to reach, homeowners will have their work cut out for them when cleaning duties roll around.

4. They Can Make Your Kitchen Feel Cramped

Double-stacked cabinets are definitely not a good choice for small kitchens, even with glass door fronts. These cabinets make the room feel overcrowded or smaller. Moreover, cabinets with darker paints, stains and disorganized things can make it seem uninviting. 


Double stacked cabinets are useful spots to keep your regular cookware, dishware  or machines that you don’t utilize much and provide you extra space for storage but also adds additional cost and requires more attention. Keep all these pros and cons while making decisions in your kitchen renovation projects.