The Best Time To Start Renovating Your Home

The reason many homeowners spend a hefty amount of money in home remodelling and renovation is due to their lack of understanding about how renovation works. Just like any other thing if life needs order, renovation or even a remodel requires a timeline or else your costs will just keep going up. Similarly depending on the area of your house the renovation process needs a certain time period (seasons) where it is better to take up that kind of work. 

With this quick guide you will find out the best time to start renovating or remodelling your house and how much time you should be reasonably spending on each part of your house. 

Some Quick Tips:

  1. Before you plan renovation in your house consult a professional and make goals! Don’t step into it without any planning. 
  2. Invest in good quality material but make sure that all these things are affordable. . 
  3. Enlist the contactors and experts that you will be hiring beforehand and consult them before you throw or thrash anything. 
  4. Decide a design style that you want to follow, make a theme so that everything is done accordingly. 
  5. Most importantly your renovation should add more functionality to your house along with value. 
  6. Lastly, never lose track of your plan, stick to your paperwork! That’s the only way to do things right. 

Now let’s find out about the right time for renovation in your house! 

  • Kitchens 

Kitchen being the heart of your home is the most important space in the house. It adds the most inconvenience to your daily life. So consider a handful of factors like your daily issues if people are more busy throughout the year try doing it in those days and not in the holidays when everyone is home. You could cook some meals and freeze them to avoid take out everyday or set up a small cooking space temporarily somewhere else in the house. 

When it comes to weather it’s always preferred by people to do it in summers but getting a renovation in winters can actually be cheaper and quicker. Although if outdoor renovation is involved then working in extremely cold conditions will be difficult. Just make sure you avoid the renovation before christmas as many people renovated their houses at this time so a shortage of materials and designers both happens.

  • Bathrooms 

If more than one bathroom is available in your house then you don’t have to worry about what you would do if the other one is busy. Just don’t start their renovation simultaneously, focus on one washroom at a time and this is how you’ll keep everything  neat and clean. A bathroom renovation takes approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the changes you’re making. For example a custom made glass door for the shower will delay the whole process or a new bathtub you’re looking for. But if you just want to change vanities and add a new touch then you might as well get done in 3 weeks. Tiles usually take the longest. 

We personally suggest that you start work simultaneously in 2-3 bathrooms, because buying things together actually costs less and then you’ll only have to get your house dirty once. More labor may be needed but in 3 weeks you’ll be done! 

  • Living Room 

Living rooms are relatively bigger spaces and also the common space for everyone in the house. This renovation will definitely cost you the most so make sure you choose time very wisely. You could select a time when kids are away in college and somewhere after the festive seasons. The reason we say after the festive season is because the market is very slow in those days so its easy to find a contractor for a lesser price. Even for furniture and decorations a relatively newer collection will be available that no one would be buying. 

We recommend that you bring in a consultant to your house, give him a tour of the space and then let him decide for you. What needs to be changed and what doesn’t this way you’ll save tons in cash and time! Rethink your layout and color scheme to bring the best out of this renovation. 

Make sure that whenever you plan on making detrimental changes in your house you conduct extensive research. Plan your renovation and remodeling in timely and orderly fashion only then you’ll be able to get the most out of your money.